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htc aria

  1. D

    Root HELP New Member. Looking for some info about HTC Aria

    Hey every one, hope every one is having a good one. Im new to this form. And need some advice. Im probably at a beginner level, maybe a little above When talking about ROMs and all that. Im a Line man Electrician. But when it comes to this stuff, I have no clue. About this hole non root/ root...
  2. phonebuddy

    The little cell phone that could...

    Anyone else get made fun of for having a "wannabe smartphone"? No one liked my Aria but me :( Ahh the good ole days... :smokingsomb:
  3. H

    Help HTC Aria won't connect to WiFI unless it's close to router (?!)

    :cool:Yes, that's what I just found out about my HTC. It is an unlocked HTC Aria from AT&T. Of course I'm not using that carrier. So, I started losing signal, tried everything on the books and just found out by chance that won't connect to WIFI unless it is very close to whatever router is...
  4. P

    Help SD card woes

    Hi and thanks for listening, I've had my Aria for awhile. Recently, within the last 4months or so, it started giving me errors saying "Removed SD card. SD card removed. Insert a new one." Thinking my card had gone bad, or that the error was confined to the card, and that it was already outdated...
  5. M

    Root Unlocking, Rooting, Flashing

    Hello! Before I begin, I'm new to this forum so if I've posted this in the wrong place I apologize. Feel free to reprimand my noobness :) I'm about to get my new android phone, the HTC Aria (its not as snappy as the Galaxy S3 but I thought I'd better start small and work my way up). When I...
  6. B

    Root update to 2.2

    I'm posting this as a last resort, I'm trying to update my Aria from update 1 to 2.2 and I am having huge troubles. I d/l'd htc sync and the 2.2 update from at&t. I'm getting the 30% battery power error. I have tried all the suggestions i could find in google. I tried using another computer with...
  7. M

    Help Cannot connect to wi-fi

    I hit scan and it wont do anything. It wont even show any wi-fi connections for me to select!
  8. L

    Help HTC Aria - touchscreen issue (uncalibrated)

    Hello, my touchscreen goes in and out of calibration without obvious reason. It happens that it's working for 5-10 minutes with no problem, then it starts doing crazy things. Sensoring the wrong spot, when I want to click something, etc. It's very hard to navigate through menu. I tried...
  9. T

    Network Unlock Code?

    My sister bought this phone and tried to change the carrier to simple mobile it asks for the 8 digit network unlock code, ive already tried googling it and all the websites i go to want me to pay for the code, had anyone unlocked the phone without having to pay??
  10. K

    Help HTC Aria. Can't establish a reliable connection to the server

    Everytime I try to log on to my market I get the "Can
  11. S

    Root Just rooted my Htc Aria with UnRevoked.. Now what??

    Ok so I just finished rooting my phone and it said it was done and everything was good. I have clockwork and superuser installed on my phone however everytime I click it nothing happens and just shows a blank screen.. I wanted to remove the ATT bloatware and possibly install a new ROM. So am I...
  12. M

    HTC Aria and Gmail Account

    Morning All, Hopefully someone can help me with a perplexing problem. My wife owns a HTC Aria and when we bought the phone approx 15 months ago I set up a gmail account as we are required to with Android. After about a month my wife dropped the phone and the screen cracked, and instead of...
  13. C

    Root Need For Speed Shift - HTC Aria

    Does anyone have this game running on a rooted HTC Aria phone? I was curiuos if there was a way to get it running. Any input is greatly appreciated! :) -Chud-
  14. F

    Proiximity Sensor - black screen problem

    I've scoured the boards and internet to no avail. My phone is now rooted, it did not use to be. I've had this problem even before I rooted. By checking the proximity sensor with different apps, it does not respond. It keeps a value of 0.0. The light sensor DOES react. The phone goes...
  15. I

    Won't download any apps or updates

    My phone refuses to download any apps or updates through Android Market. This has happened for the past few months, as far as I know, but I didn't care too much before since I don't really use apps. I always get the error message "Download of ____ was unsuccessful. Please try again." I have a...
  16. T

    Portion of touch screen won't respond

    Hi, I have an HTC Aria, and ever since yesterday a part of my touch screen won't respond. I didn't drop it or anything though. The part of the screen is above the 'Home', 'Menu', 'Back', and 'Search' buttons, which all work fine. I'e had issues with the touch screen on this phone before. I would...
  17. H

    Pictures uploaded come out with lines?

    Whenever I upload pictures from my Aria, they come out with these white lines on it and it's extremely annoying. Is there any way to stop it from doing that? Makes my pictures look very low in quality.
  18. D

    Video deleted by itself..

    I've had my HTC Aria for about a year now and I took a video that is about 1 minute long. I tried to upload it to Facebook but it didn't work. It would show up as a 2 SECOND video. I tried watching the video again on my phone and it said, "sorry this video cannot be played" I tried again...
  19. D-U-R-X

    HTC Aria FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Aria...
  20. N

    Help Internal memory?

    Hello! So I'm having some of the same issues as others are having in regards to running out of internal memory. I've removed apps, I've run cache cleaners and I've cleared cookies. All to little avail. So at this point I'm considering just doing a factory reset to see what happens...
  21. T

    Phone won't accept sim card

    Everytime I try to select Tmobile as my operator it says that my sim card can't be used by tmobile. The sim card isn't the problem because I can still use it on other phones. It says "Limited Service" on the lockscreen, and says "emergency calls only". Would rooting it solve anything?
  22. repairsuniverse

    HTC Aria Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

    This will help you replace a damaged or cracked glass touch screen digitizer, or a broken LCD screen as well as other damaged parts If you have issue with your touchscreen digitizer and LCD screen, we will take you through the steps on how to disassemble your HTC Aria phone safely and easily so...
  23. C

    Help My menu, back, and search button don't work

    In the past, i've cracked my screen and had it fixed. After this fix, everything was working well, no problems. Eventually, I think it was after putting some pressure on the screen, the three buttons stopped working. Home still works which is the only reason i'm still able to use the phone...
  24. B

    Help HTC Aria keeps rebooting....Please help!!

    My phone keeps restarting from the htc quietly brilliant screen to the at&t screen over and over again. I am scared that it is infected by a virus. What should I do?
  25. H

    Help During calls Screen goes black?

    Ok guys so recently I cracked my aria screen and replaced the digitizer. I have read many people have the same problem after replacing there screen and people say proximity sensor is the problem. I have tried disabling proximity on cm7 that didn't work I've tried different dialers, If you hold...