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Help HELP! Phone not booting! Any suggestions?

I was installing Revolution HD on my Droid Incredible 2. I knew that the first boot took longer than usual, so I waited it out. I even went for a 20 minute run, but the phone was still booting up when I came back! :mad: The white HTC screen was frozen, so I got tired of waiting and pulled the battery. I was sure that I had done all the installation steps completely: run the super wipe file + install the rom. So i did a reboot and ended up waiting another 10 minutes for this thing to boot into the rom. I pulled the battery, and I was able to get into the bootloader and select recovery, but the white HTC screen prevented me from entering CWR. I waited again, then pulled the plug, and then selected the factory reset option, but the same thing happened...

Now, the battery has died and it refuses to either charge / boot up entirely. I am at a loss. Any suggestions...?
I was just looking for any sign of life to show that its not completely bricked, which it most likely isn't.

If you can't get into recovery via the phone itself, you're gonna have to set up ADB on your computer and see if you can get it to boot you into recovery that way then wipe everything (system/cache/dalvik cache) manually and re-flash your ROM. If you can't get to recovery via ADB then you will probably have to re-flash clockworkmod using Fastboot.

If that's what it comes down to there is tons of information on setting up adb and fastboot on the android developers website. And if you have to re-flash clockworkmod there are step-by-step instructions in the Incredible 2 section of the Cyanogenmod website.
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I have all the drivers, I don't have htc sync however. So I'm currently stuck at the bootloader. I cannot use recovery or factory reset. I guess I need to flash clockwork recovery, or a rom? How to I do that from a computer in my current situation?

I have both the droid incredible 2 clockwork image file downloaded, as well as a stable version of CM7.
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