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Jan 25, 2011
Right, i want to root and flash villain rom tonight - now ive had had my s2 for a few weeks and recently updated via kies to what i thought was Gingerbread 2.3.4 but when i go into my phone info it says im still on 2.3.3 baseband xxke7 build xwkf3. does that sound right?

The way i understand it works after a bit of research is that as im installing a custom rom for the first time i should install the wipe version of villain to wipe my phone? but if i want to save my apps i need to root my phone first and then run titanium backup? then install villain and once villain rom is installed i can restore my apps and data?

Can anyone point me in the direction of the correct files to do this as im anxious that im going to mess it up!

Thank you
Ok firstly you need to root. (you can follow the guid in my sig - check what kernel version you have then match it with one from the guide. I'm guessing you have KF3)
When rooted backup all your apps, contacts and anything you dont want to loose. Things stored on internal sd card like camera picture and things do not get delted so no need to back them up.
Then do a wipe in CWM recovery, flash the rom and reboot.
Restore any apps and data you backed up.

Also the is no "wipe version" of villain, you have to wipe yourself then flash.
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Thank you

Have a couple of other questions;

When rooted the phone boots up with a yellow warning triangle - now i see this can be removed manually after rooting, for personal reasons i would rather not have it but rather than do it manually will it be removed once villain is installed?

i want to be able to use my wiimote with my phone but for some reason to do with bluetooth that isn't possible, i read that MIUI rom fixes this - is it also fixed in villain?
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Villain will not remove the triangle, it has to be done by flashing a stock kernel then flashing the CF-Root zImage after.
Villain is based on Standard firmware so it is unlikely that it works (I could be wrong).
Unfortunately there are not many (if any) fully working roms that are not based on standard firmware.
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