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Jun 27, 2013
Okay, first of all this is my first post on this forum and i just wanted to say hi, its nice to meet you.

Onto business, i rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8.9 a couple months back and it was working fine, however one of my family members was going to take a job that requires them to be away and i was going to give it to them, anyway i did a factory reset on the device and it started up fine after that however i got it to update itself via its settings and left it alone for half an hour and when i came back it was stuck on the recovery menu.

I have tried rebooting it multiple times but it always comes back to the menu, i did a search and came across a page that said it needed to be re rommed with its factory rom, and i know how to do that, but i have no idea how to get it to connect to my goddamn laptop via its usb cord, i have kies installed on the computer, but it wont connect to the device, the computer does connect to the device but the folder wont show up so i cant drag the rom onto the sd card.

So basically i need help connecting my tablet to the laptop so i can re-rom it with its factory rom, i am desperate because they're leaving in a week and any help you could give would be great.:thinking::thinking:


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