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samsung galaxy tab 8.9

  1. M

    MP 3's being deleted when sd card inserted

    When I copy mp3's off my pc onto sd card, check they are there. In a designated folder, insert sd into samsung galaxy tab A. navigate to folder, Empty? remove & replace in pc, Empty? They have been deleted? Other files emain video , pictures etc but not mp3's, what do i need to do?
  2. S

    Scrambled video on return from standby

    Hi Forum, Device model is GT-P7310. I bought the tablet new some 3 to 4 years ago and decided the other day to upgrade Android to 4.0.4. I used TWRP and Odin 3 to install a Samsung ROM namely P7310XXLPO_P73XEULPO_HOME.tar.md5. Odin installed the binary and after a couple of reboots, up came...
  3. A

    Help trying to upgrade to Ice Cream

    Hi I am trying to upgrade a Samsung 8.9 Galaxy Tab (SAMSUNG-SGH-I957) to Android 4.0 (currently it's at 3.2). So I got a USB cable for it and installed Kies on my MacBook. I'm following the instructions from the Samsung webpage "AT&T Tabs: How do I update my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB
  4. F

    Root Free disk space disappeared

    I have a galaxy tab 8.9 with Cwm installed (Gt-P7310) I've been trying out different rom's lately. After returning to the stock Ics had noticed that only free memory 1 Gb. Before trying the Rom's had a free space of 6 gb. The Sd folder has a size of 6 Gigas. I do not know where they might be...
  5. O

    Power failure during firmware update... Help!!

    During a firmware upgrade from 3.2 to 4.04 using odin, there was a power failure in my building. My 8.9 tab was left with the message to run firmware recovery from Kies. I tries that option but the emergency recovery option is not listed because I was not using kies to upgrade. I shut sown...
  6. M

    Root wifi button error

    hi i need help with my samsung galaxy 8.9 lte. its wifi i think was broken. i cant open. i off and on just hoping it wil fix after but nothing happen. pls help.
  7. rsisley

    Android Update

    With all these update coming out, does anyone think that we'll see one?
  8. J

    Help Un-root Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Factory Reset

    Hi I rooted my Galaxy Tab 8.9 using Odin and now want to factory reset it, securely delete all data and pass it on to someone else - what is the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Did Samsung forget about thw Galaxy Tab 8.9?

    Will they ever upgrade to JB or higher?
  10. P

    Help flashplayer help

    I am trying to install flashplayer on my tablet but it comes up with the message that because I didnt get it from Play store installation is blocked??? what does that mean?? and how do I unblock it as I want to watch TVNZ on demand and it wont play the videos without the flashplayer??? getting...
  11. S

    Help Telus i957d the same as ATT I957?

    I was wondering if the ATT version of the 8.9 is the same as the telus one? If not which one is? I am trying to root I know my galaxy s2x corresponds with tmobile is the tablet the same deal the tmobile one?? Cheers guys
  12. S

    Root How to root I957D Telus Canada

    Hello, I am trying to root my Galaxy Tab 8.9 I957D from Telus Mobility in Canada it is a LTE version. I have been unable to find the clockwork mod for this tablet all I can find is the AT&T one will this work? or is it a different version?? Thanks for your help
  13. L

    Help Help please

    Okay, first of all this is my first post on this forum and i just wanted to say hi, its nice to meet you. Onto business, i rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8.9 a couple months back and it was working fine, however one of my family members was going to take a job that requires them to be away and...
  14. E

    Wifi repeater

    Hi Is it possible to use my samsung 8.9 wifi as a wifi repeater? Or the lg3d phone? Is it possible? I have a router, but the range is too short. So i was wondering whether i can use the tablet/phone to connect to the net/router and boost the signal to the dead area. Regards Vince
  15. N

    Kernel OR Firmware ?

    I've Tap 8.9 3g+wifi, from Middle east, I need Russian language in it, but it's not including. I found 2 files, 1-Kernel, 2- Firmware. I need to have Russian UI,, which one should I apply ??:confused:
  16. A

    Help Storage after reset

    Hi, So I was able to get my hands on an 8.9 Tab that had been very lightly used by a friend of mine. One thing that I noticed shortly after receiving the tab was that there was very little storage space available. After first boot, I only had 2.74GB of 12.68GB, despite not having any apps on...
  17. S

    Samsung Permanently Bricked?

    Hey, I recently bricked my galaxy 8.9 due to A bad ROM installation A few months ago, I have just gotten the money to take it to A professional tech and they said there is no way in fixing it as they have done jtag and added the original boot loaders and the device is dead and has had it...
  18. R

    Help samsung 8.9 won't turn on

    i have the 8.9 galaxy it stopped working. i tried the 30 seconds while touching screen and nada nothing is the battery fried how do i find out before spending 60.00 on a new one thanks
  19. Y

    Help Bookmark importing?

    Anyone have an idea how to import bookmarks into Firefox 20 on this 8.9 tab? I put them out on the directory and then, in the browser selection to "import from Android". No go. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Y

    Help 8.9 tab drops 4G in thirty seconds and.....

    Hi all, new to this forum, and Tablets in general. I lately took a jump into a tablet as my employer has greatly curtailed access. My job requires me to sit in front of monitors and "baby-sit" ongoing tests. Very boring..... Anyway, I got an AT&T Galaxy tab 8.9 as we have AT&T repeaters in my...
  21. joyandme

    Help Battery issue?

    I used my tablet yesterday and it was fine but the battery was getting low so I charged it as usual so I would have a full battery in case I needed it while away from home today. I didn't use it at all, and when I came home and turned it on, it said 88% battery life left. BUT it keeps turning...
  22. S

    Root Hard Bricked Galaxy Tab!!

    I rooted my Tab with Clock Mod and I'm still on contract I installed the wrong ROM (Stupid Mistake) I clicked reboot now nothing happens? I do get a driver connection when I press the power button for 10 seconds on The PC (not my pc A friends) The tab is my only device to the Internet...
  23. joyandme

    Help iTunes

    I have had several instances lately where I had to go to iTunes to view and/or purchase a software file and podcasts. I can do that on my laptop but it's a pain when I'm sitting comfortably in my lounge chair with my tablet to have to get up, boot up and log into my laptop, and then copy or...
  24. S

    Help Packet Data Won,t Work After Connecting To WiFi

    Hey, When i Connect My tablet tablet to A wifi access point for a Good a certain amount of time such as 30 minutes for example it will not connect to 3/4G packet data when disconnecting from the wifi network This only happens when connected to the wifi and even when connected to A WiFi...
  25. S

    Help Bricking Of Samung Tablet?

    I have heard of the risk of Android tablets/phones bricking? So what causes them to brick? Can it brick itself? I use to have a rooted android tablet but I reinstalled the original firmware since I Was scared of the tablet bricking, The tablet is the only thing the supplies internet at home and...