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Scrambled video on return from standby


Aug 25, 2012
Hi Forum,
Device model is GT-P7310.
I bought the tablet new some 3 to 4 years ago and decided the other day to upgrade Android to 4.0.4. I used TWRP and Odin 3 to install a Samsung ROM namely P7310XXLPO_P73XEULPO_HOME.tar.md5.
Odin installed the binary and after a couple of reboots, up came Android Ice Cream Sandwich which I duly configured.
I set the tablet down and the display went into standby 30 secs. later.
Shortly after, I picked up the tablet and pressed the on-off button to check more stuff out.
Horror of horrors - the display is as though the video signal was scrambled, completely unreadable.
It turns out, the only thing I can do in this condition is a long hold on the on-off button and force a power down. The machine restarts perfectly. However it does exactly the same again when woken out of standby.
I tried changing the Display mode (Standard/Dynamic/Movie) but no joy.

A couple of points................
1) If I connect the tablet to its charger, the unit begins charging as normal. Usually, the unit will display the charging battery (perfectly normally) for several seconds and then dim and shut down.
If I now press on-off to check battery status, the display is scrambled exactly as previously described.
2) The first time I flashed the ROM, I did not do a factory reset or manual cache/system/data erase. The fault showed up then and I did a full wipe of the tablet and did a re-install. The fault was still present.

Grateful for all reasonable suggestions.

Thanks for your time,


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