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Help help pleassseeeeee

You mentioned you don't have WIFI, do you have bluetooth with your PC? If so, http://www.ehow.com/how_8712574_transfer-files-laptop-android-device.html is a link telling how to transfer files between PC and tablet using bluetooth. If this link does not apply to you, you can google for similar threads. There should be a lot of discussions and a lot of bluetooth applications available at Google Play.

Hope this helps.
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Also go into your windows update and make sure that windows media player is successfully updated - the services that are packed into windows media player are responsible for recognizing and installing drivers for your phone.

In more complicated words the Environment for MTP and PTP devices are packed with the stupid Microsoft Windows Media Player and if that is either not present or not updated on your computer you will not see MTP or PTP device being mounted or even recognized by your computer.

Hopefully this works!!!
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