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Help - predictive text


Jan 22, 2013
My Samsung Galaxy s20 Fe has such a crappy predictive text option that I often want to take the phone and smash it up against the wall and then stomp on it. I literally lose focus on my text before it's composed because about complicated and distracting it is the formulator the text when this function is acting up. And it doesn't do it all the time just randomly. Powering it down sometimes work sometimes doesn't turning certain things off doesn't seem to trigger it. . It's just arbitrary. And this is probably my 5th smartphone since my Kyocera slider. . I believe it was a HTC Evo and then it was a Samsung Galaxy maybe three then I went to a Note 4 then to this Samsung Galaxy s20 Fan Edition. Nothing short of a relearning. how to text is all I can come up with. Turn the phone sideways doesn't help because my fingers are fat and the keyboard is small it takes two hands. I've read a lot about phones and people having problems with them but never did I fully understand what they were going through until currently experiencing the problem I have now. I still owe like 400 bucks on the phone I can't just get another one I rocked out my Note 4 for literally 3 years I can't go back to that the process is so slow and wore out. I was smart enough I would just root the phone but I'm not I know there's a fix I just have been looking in the right places. hey if any of u phone guru geniuses out there care and or have the time to help i PROMISE I will pay it forward five-fold.
Productive text is GARBAGE. So bad I'd get a new phone if i mule afford it. Other keyboards work momentarily but I find they act up too all I've been able to do with consistency is long press the key i want then the 3 or 4 options for that key pop up and i scroll to the letter i want release it go to next letter and so on til the word i want finally pops up. I use T9. Good luck
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