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help understanding wifi accessability


Dec 19, 2012
Trying to understand on some locations away from home
my ability/inability to comnect. As an example church id shows up I put
In their access code and on line. Some public wifi on auto others
need pw. Finally most preplexing my 80 year old brain is friends house
No indication what so ever on my device that friend has wifi.
I have Nook booting from SD card to jellybean. Is there an app
Perchance that searches out wifi with opportunity to comnect.
Appreciate your taking time read my tale woe
Hi Allen! Welcome to AF! I'm not really sure exactly what your problem might be. It could be a variety of things from protected networks to incompatibility with signals. This is probably unlikely, but could be the case, but if you aren't seeing the wifi signal, there is a chance it could be in the 5ghz frequency spectrum and your device only recognizes 2.4ghz. I have a router that spits out dual band signal and one of my devices only sees one band, the other sees both.

I'm going to see if I can find a better area of the forum where you might get more and better assistance!

Edit: Also, it might help if you tell us which Nook you have :)
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Welcome to Android Forums! :)

There are two types of wifi connection normally available, open and secure.

An "open" access point, such as many public ones, doesn't require a password whereas "secure" APs do. Once you have successfully connected to either type your device will automatically reconnect to the AP whenever it's within range, without the need to re-enter a password in the case of a secure AP.

In addition, every AP has what's known as an SSID, essentially the "name" advertised to other wireless devices. This is usually broadcast by default but it can be disabled, which may be why you can't see your friend's wifi. In JellyBean, under Settings/Wifi, there's an option to "add" a network which allows you to manually enter an SSID, security type and password as required. With your friend's cooperation thsi may allow you to connect to his network.

I hope the above is useful. If not then please ask further questions - we're here to help.
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