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[help] Unkown notification sound


May 11, 2022
I have an unknown random tri tone (iphone) notification (just sound) coming on my oneplus 7 pro and i cant find whats causing it, i searched online alot for a solution but cant find any. I tried uninstalling many recent apps and used antivirus scans and ccleaner but they find nothing. Reminders is off. The notification also doesnt show up in notification history or in notification history app.

Please help
check your alarms as well as maybe your calendar for any upcoming notifications or alarms. and don't use anti-virus apps, there really are not any viruses on android.....malware, yes, viruses, no. i would start again with your most recent apps and work your way backwards. the one thing i would do is before you uninstall the app, make sure that you wipe cache and data. often times, some apps will leave cache and data intact and thus you could potentially still have the issue as sometimes it remains within cache and data. once those are deleted then you can uninstall the app.
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