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Help Help with apps on SD card


Sep 1, 2010
Ok, I followed the advice from someone on Amazon after several people were having issues with getting Angry Birds Rio to install on the HTC EVO. After falling the advice, I was able to get Angry Birds Rio to install but NOW I HAVE A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM. All of the apps on my SD card are not showing up on my phone. Please help me.

This is exactly what I did.

FIX For Installation Issues on HTC Evo & Other Phones, March 22, 2011
Hook up your phone to your PC, find the device in windows explorer, CUT and paste the .android_secure folder (near the top of the list) onto your PC (this folder is corrupt). The folder will recreate on your phone when you unplug from the computer. Disconnect your phone and than install Rio again. Worked Great for me and many others!! Excellent Game once you get it installed!

PS- for this to work your SD card MUST be mounted or you will not see the .android_secure folder.
Unable to move the corrupted file. Because as the error message i'm getting says- "cannot move smdl2tmp1.asec. the file is corrupted or unreadable." Deleting the file while its on the phone just causes the file to reproduce and still be corrupted or unreadable. It boggles my mind how everyone avoids this topic. Ive posted about it numerous times on many sites and noone ever responds. Or they say "unmount your SD card and then update your apps." **** THAT. That is the shadiest, jankiest workaround ever. I'd expect that from a phone you got at the flea market whos carrier runs out of said flea market. But an Android device on a worldwide carrier? Fix that shit. Seriously.
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