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Help with bricked generic tablet


May 16, 2013

I was trying to root my "titan pc8008" tablet the other day. Being a noob i ended up screwing it up and now it when i turn it on i always gets stuck in the loading screen android os.

When it worked i managed to have adb working properly (that's how i was doing the rooting).

It never occurred to me to install cwm or make any kind of back up before tinkering with the device.

I've done some research and manage to boot into a screen with a green android laying with a red triangle over it' belly. I think this is the stock recovery.

The thing is the tablet doesn't have vol keys and the stock recovery screen doesn't show any options.

I've tried pressing all kind of combinations with the keys the tablet has but nothing happens.

Also, when im in the recovery screen i can do some adb commands like "adb reboot recovery" ,which takes me to the same screen, and "adb reboot-bootloader" which just powers off the device. "adb shell" says something about like it can't mount the file system.

How can i flash cwm (or do anything) from this point?

Btw, sorry for the long post but i wanted to give as much info as posible
btw this is all i get in the recovery screen
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Probably needs the manufacturer's software ROM to be re-loaded. Unfortunately to be very little information about this device, apart from a couple of sites in Spanish(I can't read Spanish), I guess Titan is an Chinese device from an unknown manufacturer. Which means it could be very difficult or impossible to get a ROM file.

Might be worth contacting the importer or wherever you bought it, see if they can suggest anything.
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Hi thanks for replying. The thing is, how can i flash the manufacturer's rom in i can't access fastboot or do anything in recovery

I don't know, if you can't get into the thing. As I said worth contacting whomever you bought it from, see what they got to say about it. If you bought it recently and is within warranty, just say it doesn't work, it's showing a dead android and you want a replacement or your money back. DO NOT tell them anything about CWM or tinkering though.

Common issue with these things. You might want to read our forum sticky about them....

And next time buy a Google Nexus, that's what I usually recommend. If you want to do some hacking and tinkering get a Samsung Tab, as those a well known within the dev community and this forum, as are the Nexus devices.
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Hi thanks again for answering.

My main goal when started hacking this tablet was to learn more about how android works. That's why i tried to fix it by myself too.

Overall i think i learned some things (at least i know more before y started tinkering with it) so i guess it's about 50$ well burned.
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