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Help With Casting Videos Samsung A12 to Samsung TV


Aug 12, 2019
When I open the YouTube app on my Samsung Galaxy A12 there is a little casting icon I can use to show the video on my Samsung TV. It works great.

Is there a way to cast other downloaded media content to my TV without having to purchase a Chromecast?

The Samsung "Smart view" app could cast videos and pictures from my older Samsung J7 (2016) to my TV. Sadly, it is not compatible on my Samsung A12 and keeps crashing.

I have downloaded Samsung "Smart Things" but the screen mirror option is not available for this particular Samsung TV.

EZ file explorer has now been removed from the play store. In the past, you could use it to open a video and it had a cast icon just like YouTube has. Is there another free app that can do something similar?

I can connect my A12 phone to the TV by WiFi direct. However I cant see any option available to cast a video like my tablet has. ( I have a Samsung tablet that has a "Smart View" button that can be used to cast media to the TV).

Well If YouTube can do it, then there must be a way to cast other media content from my A12 to my TV. But How?

Your advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards
Thank you both for your replies. I wish to cast videos and photos from my phone to my TV. I can cast from my 2 Samsung Tablets and older Sanmsung J7 phone to the TV. But there is a problem with my new Samsung A12 phone. It can only cast youtube videos. I can connect my A12 to the TV by Wi-Direct but there does dot appear to be any casting option. So it must be a software problem and not a hardware problem. I just need the right software to do the job using wifi Direct.

I tried, "Solid Explorer" but it seems it can only cast to Chromecast and not using WiFi Direct.

I will keep trying to find a solution. In the meantime, any further suggestions are welcome.

Kind regards
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