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Help Help with my contacts please!!


Jan 23, 2011
Hi. Got my Wildfire in December and still getting used to it but allso having fun.:) There are a couple of issues that are getting me down and was wondering if any one could possibly help. First one being, that when I make calls or send texts that person/people move from their original place in my contact book to the top of the list! :thinking: Do this a couple of times and its completley screwed up when I'm scrolling through trying to find a contact. I know if I delete recent history it all goes back into place but to me its a weird system! The second thing is, that when I am forwarding txts that I've been sent, sometimes, for no apparent reason they get converted into M.M.S. On my contract these cost me and when you send approx ten of them the price mounts up! Any ideas or app sugestions would be most gratefull. Thanks:)


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