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Help Help with photo gallery

Hello, I love my g2x but it keeps pulling photos I've uploaded to picasa, facebook, wherever, back onto the phone in new folders. My gallery is full of duplicates and I am trying to delete whole folders, one has 1000 pix and they are all duplicates! Can't figure out how to delete the whole folder, and really I'm not going to do the 1000 pix one by one. So thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Hold the folder down and delete, or go through your sd card or internal sd card from a file manager and delete it like that
Thanks very much Jack, I tried holding down the folder, nothing. Will see if I can find it in the file manager, zillions of folders now. Must be a way to open a folder, select all within that folder and delete, our just 'delete folder' but I sure can't find it!

Used OI file manager, external sd, images, pictures....can't find that folder, only some show up and nothing recent. These folders are created by the phone function that pulls in anything 'new' in my picasa albums, in this case pix I had just uploaded from the phone...
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