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Root Help with rooting


Well-Known Member
Sep 23, 2009
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hi guys. I'm new to the Eris forums having just traded my Motorola Droid for the Eris. I had my Droid rooted, running Ultimate Droid ROM and over clocked to 800MHz. I'm reading through the forum postings here and feeling like I arrived a little late to the party... Couple questions.

1. Is there a post with simple directions for rooting? I'm not a total newbie, I rooted my Droid and jailbroke 3 generations of iPhones. I'm not finding instructions here that I can follow. Probably just not looking in the right place.

2. Is there a root for an Eris running stock 2.1? On the Droid I had to downgrade to 1.5 before rooting.

3. Once rooted, is there a ROM which maintains the Sense UI? I'm not totally wedded to it, I just like the lock screen. The only things I want to do with Root are overclock and wifi tether.

Thanks for your help.


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