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Help with sudden battery drain please


Apr 6, 2010
Evening all!

I've had a Galaxy Note for a little over a month now and love it. However over the last three days I've noticed a significant drop in battery performance and I cant figure out why...

Previously when not being used it would lose a few % p/hour. Now its easily losing 10%+ an hour and the phone is constantly warm (pointing to constant CPU usage?).

I think I've tried the basics, turning phone off, killing all tasks, uninstalling recently installed apps, scanned for viruses, turned wifi and data off and ensured bluetooth isnt on... All to no avail!

If someone with a bit more knowledge could give me some more suggestions Id be very grateful!

And a merry christmas to you all :)
my guess..your area is experiencing tower service issues...
how is your data speeds or call quality or dropped calls?
if the towers are under maintenance or down.. or you are in an area that kills the signals,
so that you have weak signals.. your phone will constantly looking for better signal. it is equivalent to making a short phone calls all the time. which will keep the cpu warm..

or you have a bad app that will not let your phone sleep...

or you have a bad hardware... and needs to be warranted.
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