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Help with texting limit!!!

Not as a message. You can email more than 160 characters per email, but SMS, Small Message Service, which is what "texting" is, has an inherent limit of 160 characters in the Latin alphabet. (It's limited to 140 octets of message.)

You're asking if you can get a one foot long stick that's more than 12 inches long. SMS = 160 characters by definition.
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Hello I have a gs2 is there any way I can get it to send more than 160 characters in one message to where I don't send and receive messages in two messages just cause I went over 160 characters???

Like Rukbat just stated, SMS messages are limited to 160 character. That is a limitation of the system that SMS uses. There is settings to have the messaging app recombine messages you get that are multiple part, but when you go over 160 it will still be broken into more than one SMS when you send. The entire SMS system is basically a hack. They figured out out to send short text messages via the control channel for your phone, and that is why the limit.

HowStuffWorks "How SMS Works"
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