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Dec 8, 2013
Can someone please help me get my mms to work on my flashed sprint gs3 that is on metro, My mms was working up until the 4.3 update now I need help getting it back and no my phone is not rooted and idk how to get in the phone to change things either can someone help a guy out and go step by step or just tell me how
First search for cricket mms settings.
Then dial ##data# in your phone dialer.
It will ask you spc or msl code. Type six zeros . 000000
Then one menu will pop up with many options. Look around for mms settings . Don't touch any other setting there.
Edit existing setting and out cricket parameters . Then just press menu button and commit changes.
Phone will reboot an u will have mms working.
Will give you cricket mms settings once I reach my system .
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