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Helping a non-techie wife...


Feb 12, 2011
Got my wife an HTC Liberty, via ATT. She loves elements of the phone but does not do apps, etc. I am provided an Iphone thru employer, so my experience is more with Iphone apps, but I am wanting to improve my wife's user experience with her phone. So I am here to learn. Residing in East Texas, employed in B2B sales, enjoy Jazz in many genres, Classical music, blues and blues/rock. Been to Paris, NYC and Quebec City, but love the laid back attitude of Cozumel. A fan of UofT Longhorns, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, not necessarily in that order (in the case of the Cowboys, sometimes not a fan at all these days). That's enough for now, I'm sure I'll divulge more in future posts.


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