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Here is a good read on why open source is the business!!


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As most of you know we use the adreno gpu; for those of you that dont know adreno is ATI propriety that was sold to qualcomm after amd acquired ATI.
Recently i posted about open source adreno drivers at https://freedreno.github.io/ which qualcomm made some comments on this year.
Amd has recently started a new open source gpu driver http://gpuopen.com/welcometogpuopen/
this is great news hopefully qualcomm will follow in there foot steps because we all know that android is pretty dam cool but it has drawbacks lack of updates because oem claim the device is legacy after release and lack of open source boot loaders and drivers.

here is a good read on why DRM key signing is not the business.

warning no click bait here folks!
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