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Hero: Google account not GMAIL account?

if i am understanding this right you have for eg kubag@googlemail.com account yeah and the only account that will work is gmail.com

if so all googlemail accounts are now gmail.com just put for eg kubag@gmail.com

my google account used to be googlemail.com , but i can now use gmail.com .. you can still log in google with your googlemail.com tho

hope thats what you are on about , if not theres some useless info for ya lol
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Kuba, what does your email address end with? @.....?

The only two I know of are @googlemail and @gmail, which both should work.

EDIT: Unless you mean a business google apps email address (which would have a unique ending)? I've heard those don't have access to everything.

(No need to post the @..... bit if it is a google apps account).
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Yes, it is a google apps account, so the domain (@....) has nothing to do with google (it's different).

I have still not found any possible way to sync this account with my Hero which is very disappointing as Google Apps uses exactly the same interface as gmail so I supposed it would be possible. I can only check my email by logging in via the browser.

I HAVE registered my email as a google account (not gmail, just a google account with my personal @.... address) with no problem (I can use Google Docs, Latitude etc on my PC), but my HTC Hero doesn't accept it.:mad:

Any ideas?
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What I was suggesting is, you create a throwaway gmail account. Then you set that account up so that it pulls all of your emails from the google apps account (POP only I'm afraid :() and set it up so your gmail account can send mail via your google apps acount (and does so by default).

For all intents and purposes you have now got your non-gmail email address working with the gmail app :) I do this for my university email address, for example.

The only weak link is the fact the gmail account pulls emails down via POP and you cannot set how often it does this. Sometimes you can be waiting a good few minutes for emails to appear. I imagine if you set it up so that the google apps account forwarded to the gmail account in stead it would be better, but I haven't tried this.
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