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Hero with O2 Pay as you Go


Dec 6, 2009

After much research, I have finally decided on the HTC Hero as a replacement phone for my daughter this Christmas. She has been using O2 pay as you go for several years with a Samsung D600 phone. I would like her to stay with O2 if possible as I have been very pleased with their service.

I have been getting conflicting advice if the Hero will fully work with an O2 pay as you go Sim. I have read many threads but I am still unsure. To cap it all, the helpful girl in the O2 shop today assured me all would be ok and even gave me a 3G Sim, but the girl in Carphone Warehouse shop rang O2 who told her that it was "not supported". I am intending to buy the Sim free unlocked Hero.

My questions are:

1) Will the Hero work with an O2 3G pay as you go Sim
2) What is the procedure I need to follow to make it work.

Any other advice to make it a stress free Hero/O2 Christmas gratefully received (Hero OS updates, downloads, etc) :thinking:

Thanks in advance


I have been using a HTC Hero on o2 and haven't had any problems you will have to input the wap settings manually when you first setup the phone which is very easy and youll get the help you need right here! I am very happy with this handset. As an ex Samsung Galaxy user please don't allow anyone at o2 talk you into purchasing the Galaxy the only Android device they supply because it is not fit for purpose.
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