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Hey android fellas


Apr 10, 2012
Howdy, I own a forum myself and I know how much it's appreciated by the group when you post an introduction first thing :)

Name's adam, I have an android phone (of course), and run two businesses, one brick and mortar business in the recycling industry and an internet marketing business online as well.

I'm here to learn about the development of applications mainly, what kind of work goes into developing them, and hopefully can get advice here and there, as well as give some advice when I can.

Thanks for having me, y'all enjoy yourselves spring is here.
Welcome Adam, very glad to have you aboard. :)

Being a forum owner, I'm sure you already found our development related forums but here's a link just in case:
Application Development - Android Forums

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask any of the Guides you'll notice roaming the halls here. You'll recognize us by our strikingly green appearance. :D

See you around the forums.

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