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hey guys im looking for an affordable chrome book with decent processing speed for recording videos


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Aug 18, 2019
also possibly live streaming YouTube videos with a camera and a microphone, it would need to have internal recording with external recording. which i think this might since it says it's android 11, unless its not actually android 11 os
but I've never used a chrome book, and i noticed that it says chrome book os or something. i would like someone to check the specs and see if this could handle running a screen recorder with mic and camera and play YouTube. also can you install any android apps, from apks or is it more of a closed platform

i have been using chrome books for many years now. i have a pixelbook that i really love. i don't know what is required to get setup for live streaming though. i'm not a fan of intel's celeron chips. i have always looked to get intels i chips. mine was running the latest i7 chip.

and i'm not a fan of dell computers either.......but it is cheap on ebay.....so i say go for it.
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