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Hi Admins


Oct 27, 2011
Hello Admins.
I m Abhishek Shome from Mumbai, India.
I currently use Samsung Galaxy Ace GT5830.

How do we come to know what r the applications closed when I cleared Ram and shows number of applications closed? how to prevent this problem in future?

Why HD games cannot be played in this cell?
And why are some applications cannot be moved to SD card? This option in some games is not allowing it to move to SD card?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to Android Forums, Abhishek!

If I understand your questions correctly, you are asking about closing applications? The short answer is you don't have to worry about it. Let Android manage applications used for you and do not use a task killer except to end a frozen or misbehaving app. You may be confused because Android lists applications as running when they are only cached.

Some developers prevent their apps from being moved to the SD card. Games especially will suffer from poor performance if required to run from the slower SD card, so that's why they do it. Widgets and services should always reside in the Phone's internal memory.

If you have any questions about your phone in particular it would be best to ask those questions in Samsung Galaxy Ace - Android Forums where other users have the same model.

Glad to have you here. :)
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