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Hi!!! Car Dock with drop in plug?? Matte Skins??


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Dec 8, 2009
Hi all,
I'm new here but I've been reading through all the forums.

I tried searching but I haven't found anything that speaks to exactly what I am looking for.

1) I want to get a car dock......but the motorola one requires that the phone be plugged in in manually in the dock.
Are there any aftermarket ones that anybody is aware of that will just allow you to drop the phone in and charge (Like the multimedia dock?)....without having to drop the phone in and then plug it in?

2) I would like to put a skin on my phone.......I don't mind any of the screen protectors out there....but I hate what they do to the back and the sides. I love the matte brushed finish of the droid's back....and I don't want to stick some gloss tape over it. I saw a ghost armour application at my local BB and wasn't too thrilled. Do any of you know of any matte skin protectors for the droid's back?
Btw....I am NOT talking of snap on cases. I need it to fit in my docks. But if anybody has a case that will allow me to use the docks.....feel free to recommend.

Thanks again to all the mods and contributors for creating a resource for newbs like me!
Thanks!!! I knew about that dock on the site......but what kept me from that one is the fact that it is plug in and not drop in to charge..

Don't get me wrong.....I applaud the user who made that and the price is very reasonable.....but its lacking a critical feature for me and when the Verizon dock is cheaper.......

I don't really care about the magnets. I'm almost toying with the idea of getting another multimedia dock and using it in the car somehow......Will need to research the workability of that one.
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I am going to try this myself....though I doubt I'll get time to do it tonight....but things I intend to look for when I do.

1) Will it have a good GPS signal...close enough to the windshield?
2) Will the angle of the dock prevent good visibility for the driver? I suspect it might :-/
3) Will sudden braking or turns throw the phone off the dock since its not 'held' as nicely as by the car dock. You also don't want it turning into an eye level projectile should you get into a crash.

Before I got the dock...I felt like the micro USB cable was a really tight fit into the droid, so I'd like to avoid fiddling with that in the car, if I could.
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