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Hi I'm Lowretta

Hello Forum! My name is Lowretta, I'm a college student who's in love with her Droid Library. I'm interested in knowing more about my system. :cool:Enlighten me.
From https://feedbooks.zendesk.com/entries/20395767-i-paid-for-a-membership-and-now-i-want-to-cancel (bolding mine)

"If you paid for a subscription, "life-time access" or "life-time free downloads", unfortunately, it looks like you have subscribed to "the Reading Site", "The Droid Library", "MyPadMedia", "Free-ebooks.net", "The ebook Library" or "The Novel Network". This is a scam, completely unaffiliated with Feedbooks. They charge money to access our site and attract subscribers with false advertising, for instance promising books by high-profile commercial authors.
In reality, ALL Feedbooks public domain and creative commons titles are free, and registration is free. There is no charge to access our site.
Feedbooks also has a bookstore, where we sell recent books from major publishers. Some of these books may be free but most are for sale. The difference is that when purchasing from Feedbooks, you only pay for the books you want, and you pay AFTER you make your selection, not before. Purchasing from Feedbooks is completely secure if you make sure you are on Feedbooks site before registering your credit card (check the url in the address bar of your browser).
We urge you to IMMEDIATELY contact your credit card, bank, or Paypal to cancel the payment for this "subscription".
In addition, MyPadMedia / TheNovelNetwork / etc. seems to attribute the same account to multiple members, and there is a risk that if one person adds a credit card, a different person could use that card for purchases."
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