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Hidden Feature - Weather on Dock Console

Dec 10, 2009
Did you know???

If you select MANUAL Location (and enter your ZIP Code), it unlocks two additional features that the automatic location folks don't have?

1. RADAR Button
2. Hour by Hour Forcast

To access, set your weather setup to manual, set it in the dock, and touch the weather wigit once it appears. Change it to automatic and repeat....buttons gone.

Would be nice if it were available for both!


We all have noticed the intermitant weather wigit over the past few weeks, but has anyone used (2) docks in two different locations (or dockrunner) and had it successfully change your city? I haven't had any success - BUT I am not sure if that is a bug or design...anyone?
great find! I think I'm going to keep this manual from now on unless they update this feature for automatic.

I don't know why i would keep it on auto anyway because it doesn't refresh cities on its own. I work in Brooklyn and live in NJ and going to and from I always have to refresh on my own. So i might as well keep it on manually and get the added radar and hourly forecast feature.
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I think that the reason you are getting more data is that server-side weather service keeps more data for the zip code you are using. I live in a Chicago suburb. When I drive into Chicago, I get the full forecast. When I go to the burbs, I only get current temp and the mini forecast since the weather service doesn't provide forecast data specific to my burb.
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