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Aug 11, 2010
I have a moto bionic and live in little 'ol Martinsville, va. They are turning on 4g here, although not currently announced, and I just had speed test results of 21.58 down and 9.03 up! Is this unheard of? Or will it go down when more people start using 4g in the area?

Mine just got turned on earlier this wek - I saw it Sat morning and did a speed test 14.xx down *and* up.

Did one today and it was more like 16 and 9.

just did three now so we can get a decent average in - here they are:



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I'm lucky to get 3 mbps on my hspa+ with at&t.

I agree with att sucks! I had my dsl shut off and just run my webtop now. Funny, I was in the att store paying my bill for my home internet service and the rep asked me whom I with. I told him I am with Verizon.

He smuggly says "Oh, you should come to att". I just laughed and told him I used to be a smartphone customer with att and Verizon smokes their network, plus I'm grandfathered in with unlimited. I have no reason to switch.

I think it's terrible what they did to their grandfathered customers... :(

That's part of the reason I ditched their dsl! Sort of like a boycott of my own. :)
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Hackensack, NJ and I'm getting 10 down and 9 up. Did I mention I'm in the middle of a brick office building, 40' from the nearest window?

Can anyone tell me how much data is used during a speedtest?


Not sure exactly, but guessing at the time it takes, plus how much data had been used by speed test thus far, I think around 10 - 15 per test.
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