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Help Home Folder Problems

Hey Everyone!

I'm here today to bring you with this mystery (that I have yet to look into :p). I have attached some files that hopefully you can see, I use AndroZip for my files and etc. so when I went up a folder I was surprised to see that there was a folder called 'emulated' and that was where my home folder thing was located instead of being on sdcard0. So I was wondering if anyone has heard of or dealt with this if they can help me (if this is anything bad).

Thanks, WarProxy


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Yep - they've renamed it, that's all. Personally, I'd rather see something like /mnt/IntSD. That's what you do in Linux - the logical name. Windows uses the physical name (like C:) Why should I care if it's emulated, simulated or black magic - it's storage that's mounted somewhere and it has a name. My ONLY concern is whether it's the physical device I can take out (the microSD card) or not. That's why we don't call tape drives /mnt/sd0 - so we know the physical device is tape, not sd.
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