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Home page weather and clock widget lost, wrong location- DC 2.08.1


Android Enthusiast
Feb 11, 2010
Klamath Falls, Oregon
The location/weather widget is way off on its location. Last week it worked fine and would give me weather for my location now its way off. All location services are turned on but I can't find how I set it to give me weather for my location in the settings.
Maybe its time for a better clock - weather widget.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
I think what is working for me is I discovered it only updates once an hour or more depending how you have the weather set. With 1. 5 I think I was updating every 15 minutes. So with 2. 1 updating fewer times you can move away from the last update location. Since I got used to this change I would have to say the location. Feature of the weather is working and this is with GPS off. But the auto sync is on.
Hope this helps.

Lisa :)
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