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I personally use Launcher Pro (Plus) and have never had issues. It has taken time to get it just right but I am very happy. It really depends on what you like though. I really only miss one features for animations and it is the invisible box cube. It has functioning widgets and is stable though compared to some others. Others also use ADW. Try a few out and see. Battery life isn't affected as much by the launcher but by the number of widgets and how often you update them (i.e. set up seven pages full of widgets and your battery will die compared to seven pages and only apps listed.)
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Yet another vote for launcher pro (don't use the plus version). Granted I have never used any other home app other than launcher pro, and never had a need to because this app has always given me everything i wanted in a home app, and always worked perfect. The develolper is always updating the app and adding new stuff and its a easy app to use. Tons of features that allows you to set the program up just the way you want it....you wont be disapointed at all if you decided to use it.
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