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homemade Eris windshield/dash mount

hey there i made this super cheap mount even though it looks crappy it works super well and its not as big and bulky as one of the universal mounts

camera hole for time lapse app


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LMAO! That's freakin awesome.
Great job on making it work! Obviously you're not worried about how it looks... so I wont give you a hard time about that.

So how long does it take to mount the phone and unmount it?
Looks time consuming...
Hope you dont try do it while driving:eek:

ahhaha it does look bad but it works for me
i can mount and unmount it with one hand in under 5 seconds
because of the lip on the mount it will sit there with out the cable straps but only if you dont drive like ken block around corners.
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Is that a Garmin nuvi mount? If so, I have one very similiar (only mine is weighted, not suction, as having things on your windsheild is illegal here). Too bad its my parent's and I doubt they would like me destroying it to make a phone mount.

thats the great thing about my mount nothing was destroyed in the build
if i need to i can still clip my nuvi back to the mounting bracket


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anyone know where I can buy a cheap decent mount sorta like that off of ebay or somewhere else?

Be careful about cheap. I went that route with a mount for my TomTom GPS a couple of years ago and ended up spending three times what I should have in order to get something that worked.

I just got a good mount for the car for $24.99 online. With shipping it was right at $30...and I don't regret it at all. The phone is held secure and because I opted for the weighted mount I can position where I want it.
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i've been toying with this for a while. But I want something in reach and on my car there is no real good place to put it. I think I'm going to try and make my own mount similar to the pro-fit ones.( I don't want to pay $90 and not like it) I bought a belt clip that holds the phone well and I'd like to make a solid mount for it.
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But I want something in reach and on my car there is no real good place to put it. .

The one I bought at Best Buy also had an option to remove the glass suck thingy and put on a vent mount. So it'll attach right to your car's vents.

Didn't try it. Seems like it might not hold to well.
But it's definately worth trying if there's no where else to place it.

Also, for those that dont want to place on their windshiled because it's against the law or just dont like it there...

Try placing it on the left hand side of your windshield... instead of the middle.
Not sure if this is still illegal... but it definately doesn't obstruct your view.. and it's actually a very good place for it.
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Windshield is illegal in mn and too far away to reach In my car. vent is not an option, I need ac. Cupholders are too far back and fold out, and the shifter takes up the whole console. There is really no good place to put it and the attermarket mounts are all either windshield, cupholder or vent. Pro-fit looks promising but too spendy.
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