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Honor 5X Challenge - Find a better unlocked phone for $200


...eschew obfuscation...
  • Jun 23, 2010
    Douglas, MA
    Honor has issued a challenge, find a better unlocked phone for the money.


    [Honor 5X Top 5 Features]‍‍

    ‍‍1. Metallic body with an incredible 3 card slot design and style offered in a range of color options (sunset gold, dark gray & daybreak silver).‍‍

    ‍‍2. Fingerprint identification sensor 2.0 for speed, accuracy and an unlocking time of 0.5 seconds. All with super fast easy set up!‍‍

    ‍‍3. Amazing 13MP (rear) and 5MP (front) cameras for stunning high quality images & panoramic selfies on a full 1920 X 1080 HD display.‍‍

    ‍‍4. Incredible 8 core high performance processor with 2 GB RAM for a smooth, responsive user experience.‍‍

    ‍‍5. A massive 3000 mAh battery with smartpower 3.0 lasting 1.46 days with moderate use and over a full day of heavy use!‍‍

    ‍‍[What YOU Have To Do]

    ‍‍1. Research, find and share with us a competitor’s unlocked smartphone that has superior features than the honor 5X available for less than $200.‍‍

    ‍‍2. The smartphone needs to at least include the honor 5X’s top 5 features.‍‍

    ‍‍3. Register at the honor USA Community:‍‍ click here to register>>

    ‍‍4. Share the campaign on Twitter making sure you share the post URL: (http://club.hihonor.com/us/topic-221)‍‍

    ‍‍5. If you find a smartphone that is better than the honor 5X, post the article on the Sweepstake page stating “ I found the XX smartphone” and post in the honor 5X community forum indicating smartphone model number/ body materials/ fingerprint sensor/ camera features/ processor/ battery capacity/ smartphone picture with screenshot on Twitter.‍‍

    ‍‍6. The first 5 challengers that find and share with us a smartphone that meets the set criteria before Jan. 28, 2016 will be rewarded a Visa giftcard of $200!‍‍

    ‍‍7. If you cannot find a competitive smartphone that beats the honor 5X, reply “I admit the honor 5X is the best unlocked smartphone in its class of less than $200!” with the previously posted Twitter screenshot on the Sweepstake page.‍‍
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    im just really hoping they dont get sold out then resold for insane prices....cus thats pretty much what happened with the one plus one, if you go on the website the "affordable flag ship killers" are always out of stock, unless you get their top level models which are like 400$+.... and even when they do come back in stock, they get sold out again in like 24 hours...

    and with all the hype and the fact that the honor 5x is just an amazing phone, tbh i feel like it will be sold out and resold just like the one plus one :(
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    I've been doing a ton of research online, the closest i think is the moto g3, but i think the honor 5x is still the better phone...i looked up the specs and stuff, and here's some basic comparison...

    honor has metal build, but moto g is water resistant
    honor has bigger and nicer screen, but moto g is scratch resistant..
    cameras are compareable, honor has apeture, moto g3 has hdr....

    though honor has better processor and can expand 4 times more memory sd card space.
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