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Horizontal Stands For V - Cheap


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Jan 19, 2011
Finally got to an Office Max today and found the following for a whopping $1.29...



Perfect for the Body Glove case...power can go in the side if needed. Available in beautiful black or stunning clear frosted plastic.

OfficeMax Plastic Business Card Holder, Black

They also have a mesh stand that would work for a phone with no case - black or silver:

OfficeMax Mesh Business Card Holder, Black

OfficeMax Mesh Business Card Holder, Silver

Office Depot and Staples have some similar products, but none quite like the $1.29 ones above from what I can tell.
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wire_easel.jpg.Just Google for Wire Easel or better yet got to your nearest dollar store. They are no more than a dollar and you may even find 2 or 3 for a buck. Easy to carry in a bag, weigh next to nothing and ALSO work when you want to just raise the tablet off the surface a little bit to type (just squeeze the frame closed). I bought 2 large and 2 small. I just drop the small one in my bag and leave the large ones at home.
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I bought a luxury "contemporary" stand from Staples today...$3.99. The foot portion is just deep enough to handle the phone still in the Body Glove case.



AHA, I've been meaning to dig up this thread, because I got one similar to this (the mesh is more open & square) and it's great! The combination of metal & open mesh keeps everything nice and cool while charging or what-have-you and the phone sits in it perfectly.

Where is TVCCS, anyway? S/he seems to have disappeared.
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