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My AOL email account on this phone is horrible. It takes for ever to delete an email using the phone. Don't remember having these types of issues on my DINC. Can anyone tell me if there is a setting I have incorrectly checked or need to check? Suggestions welcomed :)
Don't know if this will help or not, but if you have a gmail account you could try forwarding your aol to it. That way everything is handled thru the gmail account, deletions etc. It lets you maintain the aol for whatever. I do this with my all my accounts, forwarding them all to gmail which I never had to have until I went with an android device. Just a thought.

EDIT: Not sure of any settings you may have missed as the set up is pretty straight forward. Maybe someone who knows more than I will chime in. I don't hear much about aol anymore, maybe they are not up to date with newer innovations. You might know that much better than I. I haven't had an aol account in about ten years.
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