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How can I make my battery life last longer?


May 19, 2010
I have a sprint htc hero works fine just battery life has been an issue for me I can't really keep my battery to even last a full day I usually have to recharge couple times a day. Is there anyway I can avoid having to recharge so much my phone isn't rooted and I have Astro and task manager installed but it still dies pretty fast. What can I do? Is there an app I can download? Please help. Thank you.
My 3g and wifi are never really on neither is my gps the background i keep on or turn off manually so i can erase long threads. I do a lot of text, apps i have just off the top of my heads are google translate, aim, frozen bubble, Astro, task manager, handsent, sound off button, sprint football, sprint navigation, spacewriter. Any other info needed? Thanks for your suggestions. Please respond with more info.
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