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Help How do I...alphabetize apps on the home page?

The only thing I can think of is to use an app tray widget that allows you to alphabetize the applications in the tray.

The only one I know of that does this is part of a home replacement app called GDE. I tried the same developer's stand alone app tray and it sucks, so I wouldn't waste my time with that if I were you. If you're willing to ditch SenseUI in favor of a home replacement, GDE might be something to try.
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not trying to feed than argument here, but what is so hard about alphabetizing the icons yourself? We're talking 16 icons, AT MOST, per page. Am I just so damned daft that I can't figure out your reasoning/logic on this one??

Because he'd have to move everyone one of them (or a large chunk) every time he adds a new app.
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More than a year later and there is still no app available that will alphabetize the apps on the home pages?

That's not so incredible.

Because you're wanting to use the UI in a different way than how google/htc designed it to work. They basically expected you to use the home screen to set up "scenes", so you'd group things together for visual our functional reasons. Which is not in any way saying "you're using it wrong". Just different, which is fine. I wouldn't hold my breath oh that for that reason and because, how would you alphabetize widget a of different sizes? Its not by any means a trivial issue.

You might want to check out MIUI. Its a rom that has a launcher that does basically what you're trying to do (they might even have a separate launcher out). I don't use/like the UI myself, so I don't follow them, but it is quite well done and popular.
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