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Root How do I edit Apex to OC @ 1.2


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Sep 8, 2010
I have Apex and I've been running the Mad OC script at 1.3 through terminal emulator. My phone just isn't quite as stable as it should be. Maybe 1 random reboot per day (or it will freeze playing angry birds)

How do I modify to OC 1.2

Is there a preferred method to accomplish this? I've tried searching and I only got more confused. I've seen manual methods and I've seen apps free and paid... I know I'll need to edit the setscaling.sh. I haven't done that but I'm willing to try?

Which method should I use? Do you have setting that are stable at 1.2? If so please share. I really think the 1.2OC will be the sweet spot for my DX

Thanks Guys,

Thanks Fab for making it so simple. I used that other post to find some values... But did not use that program...

Copied my setscale file to my sd card and edited the file accordingly.

ran the -sd command and viola! Set CPU is saying 1.225 and my quadrant scores have me landing right where I'd expect at that speed.

Was that all I needed to do? No need for the OC program? If so I'm really liking the scripts you've included with Apex.

Great work! and thanks for your help.

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