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Help How Do I Force My Browser To Not Show Im A Mobile Device ?


Oct 3, 2010
A few years back on my Dell Axim Microsoft PocketPC, I was able to tell my browser to not show I am a mobile device when surfing web sites.

Example, when I go to Ebay.com the web browser re-directs me to m.Ebay.com which is the mobile version of the web site.

Im using the standard browser, when I go into Settings > Advanced Settings -- Website Settings- View advanced settings for individual websites is greyed out
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darn I tried everything and cant get about:debug to work. I dont see any additional settings and the Advanced Settings is still locked/greyed out. I even set about:debug as my homepage and still nogo..heh

I think it was in Opera where I saw this option. I may check out the free version of that browser
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