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Root How do I get rid of the stinkin' YouTube app!?!?

I searched but couldn't find an answer on here or on a general search of the interweb. I flashed the Icarus ROM to my phone last night and everything's working GREAT! But I expected that since this ROM is free of crapware, that the YouTube app would be gone too. I don't want it because it doesn't find half the videos I search for. When I search from the web browser I find them just fine.

So I downloaded Titanium Backup (free version) and selected the Uninstall option. It completed successfully but I still see the YouTube app in the app drawer. I thought well maybe it didn't completely remove it, but when I run the app the damn thing still works, like nothing was ever removed.

How can I get this off my phone?? Titanium no longer shows anything having to do with YouTube, so I'm at a loss for what to do next.



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