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Help How Do I Make Mt External SD Card Writable?

hey guys,
I've been having some fun (sarcasm) trying to sync my music from iTunes to my Galaxy S4 using my Mac and have tried a bunch of different apps, most of which suck.

The one that seems to work best is TuneSync although I'm not able to get my music on my external Samsung SD card which is where I want it.

I know that the correct path to do this is /storage/extSdCard/Music but for some reason when I select that inside of the TuneSync option it says "TuneSync was unable to write to the selected location. Check that the location is writable."

So my next thing I need to figure out is how do I make it writable?

I see a solution that may work using the "file manager" app from the Play store but their video says the phone needs to be rooted to do so. I'd prefer not to have to go that route.
I found another Micro SD card laying around my house and tried that using the correct pathway and that one was writable right off the bat (albeit it only 8GB).

Now I know it's not the phone but the card itself.

I'd sure like to be able to use this 32 GB card that I have if I can easily make it writable.


Phew, I was able to fix it and though I'd share in case anybody else had the same problem in the future.

First I tried a smaller 8GB card that I had and that one worked fine so I figured it must have been the card.

I reformatted the card inside of the of the phone and just like that it worked!

I wonder if somehow the other apps that I trued syncing with first had something to do with it.

Could be...either way, I'm happy that it works now!
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