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Help How do i transfer music via USB cord on my TB??....

This has never been an issue with any of my previous phones as i would simply drag and drop the music into the phones music folder but with my TB i cannot find the folder anywhere when i plug it in.... It gives me 4 options on the phone when i plug it in

--Charge only

--Disk Drive (mount as disk drive)

--htc sync (sync calenders)

--Internet passthru (connect phone to internet via PC)

None of these seem to work... what am i doing wrong? Any help guys? Im slightly annoyed with this.
Another option is to use the Amazon cloud. I think they were offering free cloud storage if you bought some music from them. Granted I hate buying music from Amazon/iTunes/etc because all it takes is one bad business decision by them to bring down your library. Ask me about the songs I purchased via MusicMatch Jukebox after I bought their "lifetime" license.....
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