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How do I unlock and update my G2/Hero??


Had a good look around the forum and couldnt find an answer on this so your help is really appreciated!

I have just purchased a second hand G2 Touch on T Mobile, and I want to unlock this and then use it with my 3 sim card. I know this phone uses the old software and want to update it to the new android software.

I know I need an unlock code, but what do I do first. Shall I first update the ROM then once that is complete unlock it? Also do I need to use the T mobile ROM from here T-Mobile - Help & Support or the HTC ROM from here ROM Upgrade for HTC Hero_2.73.405.5

I would much rather use the HTC ROM if possible because id rather not have the T Mobile software branding. But will the HTC software work? Can I download this? It asks for my product S/N on the above link, will I be able to find one of these on my G2? I know its just a hero in terms of hardware but does it have this number?

So to sum it up, i'm hoping I can get the phone, update the ROM to the latest HTC ROM, then it will ask me for an unlock code which I can buy off a website and enter. Can I do this?

Thanks for your help

Follow this, from another guy in this forum:

1.Root the phone
2.Flash a new ROM ( I used Modaco 2.9)
3.Purchase the unlock code ( just google it)

Then,I followed the step-by-step instructions from theunlockr.com here and it worked like charm.

A couple of reminder though:
1.Hero with 2.7xx Rom needs to be downgraded, to make it rootable.
- So follow this instructions

2.Those who are already with 1.5xx or 1.6xx ROM can root their phone straight away
-the instruction is here

3.Flash a custom ROM, I recommend Modaco 2.9
-the instructions is here
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thanks for the advice guys much appreciated!

i'm sure curiosity will get the better of me and i'll end up putting the modaco ROM on at some point in the future, but at the moment due to it being new and a recent bad experience of nearly bricking a 400D digital camera(!) i would rather not install a custom ROM just yet.

Obviously the modaco ROM will be a world better than 1.5xx or 1.6xx but how much better than 2.7xx is it? Is there a noticible speed difference or is it just a tiny difference? What are the other benefits of using modaco over 2.7xx?

Also, when Android 2.1 is ready for Hero will I need to unlock my phone again or can I just install the t-mobile version of this (when they get round to releasing it) and happily use my 3 sim card? I know the t-mobile branding is pretty much non existant on their version of 2.7xx over the HTC version so I think I can put up with this at least for now

Finally - if I do decide to just install the t-mobile 2.7xx and unlock it, will it work with my 3 sim? I can always downgrade and install modoco later


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