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How do you maintain good battery life?


Jun 8, 2010
I'm interested in knowing how other ppl maintain good battery life with their evo. I get about 5 hours a day with moderate usage. I dont do much but put the screen brightness in the middle and occasionally going into "running applications" and closing the ones i dont need or use (most of them being the trashy default stuff); Turn off syncing when not needed; turn off GPS and other seetings that are not continuously needed to be left on. I also configured my send and receive settings for each mail account. I know there is no official way to close out an app when your done using it, i usually just press the home button when i need to exit an app. Does everyone else do the same? Or is there a better technique to officially close apps and stop them running when you are done using them? Without DLing a task killer app cause i dont want one.???? Feel Free to share your ideas or techniques -
Thank you
I was getting about 5 hours a day as well. I tried all the battery fixes and tips and nothing really helped until I read about charging the battery via USB instead of the wall charger and WOW what a difference. My battery lasts up to 14 hours a day with moderate to heavy use and with light to moderate use I can achieve over 24 hours.
There is definitely something to the phone not charging properly with the wall charger. I don't know if it's every build, but it is for most from what I have read.
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Bam thats what i call crazy usage ;)

i charge my phone through my computer and i always let it run down to 0% until charging. Done it at least a few times but yeah.


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