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How do you move applications to the sd card?

I am not sure, but from reading other posts, I believe that you download them to internal memory and then move them to SD card.
That depends upon the app. Some apps support installing directly to the SD card under Froyo, others will default to a phone install and you can move later if desired.

Download SDMove, if you're looking for an easy way to tell what apps support being moved to the SD card. It'll list the ones that are compatible with being moved, and tell you where they reside. The stock application manager shows you all apps, and you have to check them one by one to see which ones support being moved.
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Settings, Appications, manage appications, click the app, click "move to SD card".

This only works if the app supports app2SD card(which many devs are slowly but surely doing). And yes, it's a good thing if you want lots of apps without worrying about running out of space soon.

Will you still have the widgets on the home screen even if the app is on the SD card?
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i can't find SDMove on the market, is that where you downloaded it from?


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