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How do you transfer files into the built in internal storage?


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Mar 13, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
For example, if i want to move all my music from either my laptop or sdcard onto my phone's internal storage, how would i do it?

I know how to move files from my laptop onto my sdcard and vice versa but have no clue how to move files between internal storage and my laptop or between my sdcard (while inside my phone) and internal storage...

Any clue?
Since my G1 got bricked, I don't know the exact phrase, but here is how it works.

Use the usb data cable that comes with the phone. Plug it into the computer. On the phone, you should see a new status update mentioning it is now plugged into the phone. Two statuses show up, tap on the top most option and it'll ask you if you want the phone to be a mass storage device. Say yes and your computer should now see it like it would with a flash drive.

As for sd card, copy the files to the computer then to the phone.

If I'm wrong, then do correct me.
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Ok so you're saying that when I plug in the Galaxy S, it will give me 2 options rather than the only 1 option I have now? (Mount SD Card). With the top most option giving me the choice of moving my pc files onto my phone's internal storage? Is this correct?

Also, are you saying there is no way to transfer files from my sd card to internal storage and vice versa whilst I have my Sd Card in the phone?
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I have the Android Bionic and can select storage options under settings/options and also in the camera settings/options, however it is easier to simply use the CHARGER/USB cable which came with the phone. Unplug the cord from the plug-in transformer; connect the phone the proper end and the USB end to your computer then follow the on-screen prompts to view, transfer etc.
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