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How i download a Stock Rom with a Micro SD Card?

I want to reinstall Android on an A8, but the device is not recognized on the computer, I have already tried to install the Samsung drivers, clean the connector, solder the connector, but nothing works, the computer still does not recognize the cell phone, I want to reinstall the android because I have to unlock the Google account but none of the methods are working, they all give an error, so I wanted to try to install the stock rom via micro sd card, can anyone help me?
What do you mean by "I have to unlock the Google account"? If you've tripped factory reset protection then you need the login credentials for the Google account that the phone was last used with, that's all (and as that's an anti-theft measure I'm afraid nobody here would help bypass it even if they knew a way for this phone).

What state is the phone in and how are you trying to flash the stock ROM? Is it currently running stock software or has it been modified? What are the errors that you get? This information may help someone understand what is wrong and hence propose a solution.

Well it's not bad can't you just press the factory restore button in your settings?
That will erase the user's data from the phone, nothing else. It fixes some sorts of problems, but if the problem is a forgotten password then this is a very bad idea because factory reset protection will mean that they can't get back into the phone. So we need to understand what the real problem is before we know whether that's an answer.
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Also you can't install a stock rom via SD card. You need a computer program to do it called Odin. The only way to do what you are asking is to root the device and have a custom recovery installed on the phone. But even rooting you still need a computer.
Unless the phone is already rooted - the OP hasn't answered any questions about what they are trying to do or what the state and status of the phone is.

All of which makes me suspect that my initial guess, that they are trying to bypass factory reset protection, is correct.
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