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How is the performance on the Thunderbolt


Jun 21, 2011
With dual-core phones coming out like the Evo 3D, I want to know if I'm really missing out by settling for the Thunderbolt. I mean the specs are good, but they're about to be outdated. Reason I'm considering getting it is of course to lock myself into unlimited 4G before it disappears.

When I tested in the store I felt a sort of lag while scrolling, but maybe that was just the demo phone. How do you feel about the performance. I know loading webpages and streaming music and video is blazing fast, but what about loading complex apps or games, or when I'm multitasking, and will I notice a difference with the slightly lower resolution of the screen? I've also heard the phone has issues, but those can be hit or miss. Anyone have any real issues with those?
The stock battery is too small. This is my first smart phone and battery is something I will watch for next time. I'll also be looking for USB host function.

For speed performance of 4G, lag issues and applications performance, I am completely satisfied. I don"t have random reboot, but I think this happens in 3G areas and I am almost always in a 4G area.

I am not tempted by the other Verizon 4G phones that are available now. I'll hang on to my Thunderbolt for awhile. There will be much better phones later.
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I'm familiar with smartphones and batteries, so I know it's not great. been considering getting the extended battery but it will limit my case options.

Just with the apps, I did notice the Evo 3D to be faster and smoother at loading, but demo phones don't always reflect real world usage. And it's kinda like viewing different TVs in a store, one may look better than the other in the store but when you take the other one home because it may be cheaper or whatever you notice that it's good enough and that it actually looks great.

I'm also not sure if it's the dual core CPU or the Sense 3.0 that is making it appear that way. I think I'm going to have to play around with the Thunderbolt again and test more of the apps.
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I haven't really had any major lag issues with mine. I assume the one you were toying with, was still just stock Sense 2.0 loaded. I use GO Launcher, and it runs nice and smooth, and I'm not rooted or anything either, and am very happy with it's performance. I haven't sat it side by side with a 3D though (since there's no way I'd be looking at that anyway), but I have played a min with the X2 new out of the box. Unless I sat it side by side with an original X (both stock), I didn't go "OMG!" from the Dual Core performance. I think if you're looking for something to lock in the 4G, you'll want to do so now anyway, and probably narrow it between the TB and Charge (as most have done).

The other issues, really are hit and miss. Mine has been flawless since day 1, as have many others. But as with anything, there are shares of problems. The battery is weak, no hiding that one. Extendeds are there, everything from slightly extended, to triple the back size ones. Random reboots are again, hit and miss. I haven't had it, even after the latest official update, but others have had it happen.

And for the multi-tasking, the only time I ever notice mine slow down, is when I'm REALLY taxing it (using the hotspot, streaming radio, and installing apps - I did that today and went "ok, guess that's a little pushing it lol". But for everything I was throwing at it, it wasn't any worse than I would've expected it to be).

Definately though, play with it, learn it, love it, and lock in the pricing lol. You don't have long ;)
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